A Title!

(Edited – excitement produces typos.)

Since October of last year, I’ve negotiated the science fiction novel I entitled Walkabout through a gamut of my own emotions, a stringent read through (or twelve), and a thorough content edit. We’re still a bit away from the line edits and proofreading stage, and the team at Red Adept Publishing has been phenomenal to work with at every turn. From the very beginning, the publisher let me know that the title would have to change. There were too many similar titles and finding something unique was key.

Since about halfway through the content edit, a good couple of months, I’ve been thinking about the title off and on. About two weeks ago, that thinking went into every minute of every day mode. I’ve scribbled more notes than you can imagine, listened to hours of songs I played while I wrote the drafts, and basically wrung my brain out with both hands repeatedly. Finding a new title, especially when I loved the working one, was difficult. I pinged my beta readers for new ideas and ran some past them. Their feedback continues to be amazing, and they all have work coming from me – that’s a promise. I’m very lucky to have such awesome friends and colleagues. Yet, this was still my book. And getting to a new title was difficult.

How difficult? With content edits done for this book, I should have been able to switch gears and work on the other book (Runs In The Family) and on to new projects. I couldn’t. My brain would switch off when I sat down to write because of preoccupation with finding a new title. It was awful, but necessary. I had loads of encouragement. My friend Eytan Kollin told me to enjoy the process. That there was nothing like the first book. And, he’s right. This entire process has been amazing. I am thrilled to be part of the Red Adept team.

Still, my ability to work on new stuff languished. I have a book to edit, a manuscript to polish and submit, and two new projects I have to get started on. Finding a title became an obsession. Over the weekend, I was determined to sit down and “green light” brainstorm. With a large pad of paper and some colored markers, I started scribbling anything and everything that came to mind. Last night, I culled the hundreds of words and title ideas down to ten and sent them to my publisher.

The day before, my publisher sent a list of ones they’d worked on. And guess what? On the two lists was the exact same title idea. My wonderful publisher, Lynn McNamee, called the incomparable Alyssa Hall (my editor) and ran it past her before she called me tonight.

If you’ve happened to look at my Author page or any of my other author pages (Amazon, Wattpad, etc.) you will have already seen it. We’re going to start developing the cover art now and press on towards line edits and proofing. A released date has not been set, but by late 2015…

Sleeper Protocol will make its way into the world.

Now that a title is in place, it’s time for a night off to rest and then back to edits, polishing, and maybe some new stuff in the process.  In the meantime, I’ll be back to regular blogs and updates, so sign up for my mailing list if you haven’t already.  I’m starting a weekly blog on character design in August, complete with a sneak peek at a cut chapter from Runs In The Family.  I hope you’ll join me on this endeavor.  It’s about to get interesting!