What A Summer

So, I’ve been horrible at updating this page (again). There’s a really good explanation, I promise.

At the end of last year, I determined that I was going to put my head down and just get some writing done. Through May of this year, I wrote two complete novels, finalized the edits for a third, submitted a requested novella to an editor, completed another novella that we’re going to self-publish, and wrote two requested short stories on very short notice. This summer, my goal was to edit those two novels. One was published in August and the other is my super-secret project that’s now with the editor.

I had the intention of completing one more book this summer, but after two weeks of gnashing my teeth and twiddling my thumbs, I realized that the book in question probably needs to sit in the “trunk” for awhile, and possibly forever. It was a hard decision, but a very timely one because not long after I’d set that project aside I was asked to write two more books in the Four Horsemen Universe featuring my Peacemaker, Jessica Francis. I’m getting ready to write Book Two (no title yet) now.

Once that’s over, it’s back to The Protocol War series. I’m not sure how many books this series will go – I think that’s a pretty fair thing to say right now. Maybe it will end in Book Three, maybe a fourth book, or maybe more. While I have an idea about the plot for Book Three, I’m not sure I can wrap up everything in one book. So, we’ll see. That’s my project for December-January if I can wrap up the next Peacemaker book on time.

There are some other exciting changes afoot. We’ll be launching the first official newsletter later this year and we’ll likely have a new website and platform, too. There’s more shows and more writing projects on the calendar for next year and I’m also planning to teach a few of the classes on character development and story structure that I’ve been requested to do many times now. So, thanks for being along for the ride. We’re really getting started now.

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