2017 – My Year In Publishing

This year has been much busier than I expected it would be when I laid out my original calendar. I’ll walk you through some of what I’ve done this year. When I think about it, I can’t believe I’ve accomplished so much in one year. This has been, by far, the most productive writing year I’ve had since I started doing this in 2009.

Here’s what happened in 2017:

January – February. I finished the first draft of an alternate history novel set during the American Revolution. This novel is currently with its editor, who is the author behind the series of books that this story fits into. We will meet in February 2018 to discuss the way ahead. This project was a total of 95,000 words.

March. My original plan had been to take this month off and catch my breath before plotting and starting the third Protocol War book. My plans went out the window when my friend Chuck Gannon recommended me to an anthology project from Four Horsemen Universe creators Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy. I wrote a 9,000 word story entitled “Stand On It” and submitted it to the anthology. Little did I know what was about to happen next…

April. I’d planned to start writing the third Protocol War novel here, and instead I got the first round of content edits for Vendetta Protocol. Working with my editor was fantastic as usual and we breezed through six complete passes on the novel and sent it off to line edits. Also in April, I attended the Colorado Book Awards where Sleeper Protocol was nominated in the Genre Fiction category. Losing to Carrie Vaughn isn’t such a bad thing, just saying.

May-June. That short story I wrote in March turned into a novel project. I began work on Peacemaker and pretty much used the months of May and June to write the first draft. Peacemaker came in at 95,000 words. During this time, I also received the line edits for Vendetta Protocol which left me screaming through the early summer with my hair on fire, but I finished both on time, which was a good thing.

July. In July, Kevin J. Anderson asked me if I could write a short story, in less than two weeks, for the forthcoming Avatar Dreams anthology being produced by WordFire Press as a complement to the Ansari X Prize for Avatar Technology. I turned in the 9,000 word story titled “That Others May Live” which is a combination of Asimov’s Fantastic Voyage and The Fast and The Furious.

August. In late August, Peacemaker was published and things went crazy. I’m still blown away by the reception for this book. It’s been a tremendous experience. More on that below.

September. In mind-September, Vendetta Protocol was published. I still can’t believe that I’m now two books into a series I never planned to write. The third Protocol War book is on tap for getting its first draft in early 2018.

October. Peacemaker continued to burn up the Amazon charts and I agreed to a contract to write two additional novels following my character Jessica Francis. I’m so thrilled at the opportunity to keep telling this story in such a fantastic universe. Late in the month, I starting writing Honor The Threat, which is the second Peacemaker book. With a family vacation and lots of other commitments, I knew right away I wasn’t going to complete the book by my original goal of November 30th.

November. All Honor The Threat – all month long. With the holidays and such, it was a slow go.

December. Honor The Threat has taken up the first part of the month and it’s the longest book I’ve written to date. It will come in around 117,000 words and I’m on target to finish by Christmas Eve. We’re looking for a February turn-in to the publisher and a publication date is still to be determined. Also this month, I signed a contract to bring my novel Runs In The Family back to print (electronic and print versions) with Theogony Publishing. I’m thrilled that this novel has found another home.

It’s been a busy year and 2018 is shaping up to be just as busy. I wrote three novels this year – and with the short stories included, that’s around 325,000 words. I’m really surprised by that number, but it’s been a fun and rewarding experience to say the least.

2017 Conventions and Shows attended:


Superstars Writing Seminar

Pikes Peak Writers Conference

Phoenix Comic Con

Denver Comic Con

Florida Supercon


Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

See you in 2018!