A Significant Achievement

Sleeper Protocol - Hi-Res-Final copy

On February 20th, Sleeper Protocol received a review in Publisher’s Weekly.  The novel was call “an emotionally powerful debut.”  A full transcript of the review is here.

All in all, we’re pleased with the review.  There are solid criticisms, but the truth is that the emotional impact came through, as did the “insight into the human side of the military mind.”

Sleeper Protocol was released by Red Adept Publishing and is available now in ebook and print versions worldwide.

Back To Work

Following COSine, I jumped right into preparation for the Superstars Writing Seminar.  This amazing event is a staple of my writing schedule and focuses primarily on the business side of writing.  The primary instructors were amazing:  Kevin J. Anderson, David Farland, James A. Owen, Eric Flint, Rebecca Moesta, Jody Lynn Nye, Bill Fawcett, and Jim Butcher.  Superstars usually comes along at a time when I need motivation and energy, and it did not disappoint again this year.  I came out of Superstars with focus and drive to complete a couple of projects that have lingered.

So, next week I start back to an alternate history novel I’ve messed with for a year now with the intent to finish it by summer time.  I also have some short fiction requests that I’ll be working on as well as polishing up the sequel to SLEEPER PROTOCOL.  It’s going to be a busy few months.

And I’m ready for it now.  Back to work.

COSine and Beyond

Over the January 23rd weekend, I participated for the second year in the COSine, a science fiction convention put on by First Friday Fandom in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This is a smaller, more laid back convention but it always brings in big names in the science fiction and fantasy literary community.  This year was no exception.  With Guests of Honor including Jim Butcher and Connie Willis, 2016’s event was an early highlight to my year.

This year, we launched the print versions of both Sleeper Protocol and Runs In The Family at the convention to a wonderful reception.  I entered the convention with a small goal for book sales and nearly doubled it.  I also had the pleasure of reading aloud from the books for the first time.  My reading had about fifteen participants, about half were close friends and the others were acquaintances and new readers.  It was a great experience.

Next week, I’m gearing up for Superstars Writing Seminar and looking forward to sit downs with James A. Owen and Eric Flint in particular.  There are many interesting things afoot.