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Runs In The Family Out of Print on September 30th

Strigidae Publishing announced this week that they will be closing their doors effective at the end of September. I am devastated. Strigidae’s owners, Hank and Hollie Snider, are my friends and as much as I hate this situation I know that they are equally devastated. But, this is the right move for them to make. As Hank recovers from an emergency double-bypass surgery, the need to minimize stress and focus on their family is completely understandable.

RUNS IN THE FAMILY was the first science fiction book the house published and its success has been incredible. Since January of this year, RUNS IN THE FAMILY has been purchased more than 3,000 times worldwide. Effective at the end of the month, the Strigidae versions in ebook and print will be taken down on Amazon and all other ebook retailers. As of right now, the audio version will remain live and available for purchase through Amazon’s ACX program and through iTunes. After September 30th, these particular versions will never be available again.

I am in the process of finding RUNS IN THE FAMILY a new home. Thankfully, there is considerable interest from several publishing houses and editors. I hope to have something to announce very soon and get the print and ebook versions back up for sale worldwide, but this may take a considerable amount time, so I’m asking a favor.

If you haven’t picked up the book (in any format), please do. Strigidae Publishing will receive their portion of the royalties, and I want to help them out as much as possible. I am ordering a last batch of print copies that I will sell at upcoming conventions (Fencon and MileHiCon) and I plan to hold a few copies back on my own shelves. Who knows? Maybe these will be first edition collector’s editions one day?

Anyway, thank you Hank and Hollie. Strigidae Publishing will be missed but not forgotten. When I have more information on a home for RUNS IN THE FAMILY, I will make sure all of you know.


PS: And I’m not done with Mairin Shields or her friends. I’m working on something called CHASING THE GREYS right now. – K

And Away We Go!

Sleeper Protocol - Hi-Res-Final copy

This week is undoubtedly one of my biggest weeks as a writer. When Sleeper Protocol released, I thought that would be the biggest push for my sales and the growth of my readership. Not long after the ebook version was released, Publisher’s Weekly reviewed the novel positively and I saw another nice bump in sales. People began talking about the book on Goodreads and Amazon reviews showed people really liked what they read. Instead of spiking at release and dropping off, Sleeper Protocol has sold steadily since January. Granted, we’re not talking hundreds of sales but people have picked up the book to the tune of 1-2 copies per week since release. That’s not too bad. As part of the ongoing marketing, Red Adept Publishing submits their books to BookBub (a very large promotional email service for ebooks) and Sleeper Protocol was chosen for a promotion that will run on June 17th – this Friday.

As a result of this promotion, Red Adept Publishing has lowered the price of the ebook for Sleeper Protocol to $0.99 worldwide. This sale will run through June 18th. BookBub will potentially reach tens of thousands of readers on the day of the promotion. This is significant for sales, yes, but more for gaining readers and fans. As a writer, this is something like a dream come true.

The ebook is available at the following links:


Barnes and Noble (Nook)



Continuing our theme, I’ve been invited to attend Denver Comic Con as a guest of WordFire Press at Booth 287 from Friday to Sunday. This is my first time as a guest at a major convention. I am so excited! As a program participant, I’ll be on three writing panels over the course of the weekend. At the WordFire Press booth, I’ll have copies of both Sleeper Protocol and Runs In The Family as well as a special gift for fans. I hope you’ll come see me there along with some amazing authors including Terry Brooks, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Jason Henderson, Sarah A. Hoyt, and more. I’m looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones this weekend. We’re going to have a great time!

So, this is a big week. I have lots of things to do – so let’s get started. Check back here on Wednesday for daily updates on the sale and my experiences at Denver Comic Con.  Follow me on Twitter @TheWriterIke to see my photos and updates from Denver.  See you there!